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Spirit of Craftsman;

High-end Customized Handmade Glassware Supplier;

Stable System of Supply Chain and Customers;

Supreme Design Capability;

Perfect After-Sales Service System



Years in Business: 17

Customers: 362

Independent Design: 59


Who We Are

GlassZhao was formed in the summer of 2006 from a small office by Anna Zhao, a lady with passion for glassware.Initially we were just committed to exporting high quality glassware to meet the needs of our customers. Gradually with the increasing experience and advantage of material resources, we began to do many boutique custom of high-end glassware products. Till now, we have supplied OEM services for many famous brands and cooperated with some well-known enterprises from Germany, France, United Arab Emirates etc..Instead of providing glassware, we prefer to provide artwares to improve the quality of our lives.In summer, a transparent cup with water may make you feel cool easier; in winter, double wall cup will make you warm after drinking and avoid scald. At the office, a sophisticated glass coffee set may make you feel more relaxed; the light on the glass candle holder make the room warmer and sweeter.We know more about the glassware, and what we want is just giving you the best by fully exploring the connotation of glassware. As a company, we find great pleasure in offering great products and backing you with dedicated sales and customer service.

GZ Factory

30,000 m2 -Total Factory Area

 Big factory could meet the demand of whole processing of manufacture, package and storage.

Day - Capacity

High capacity could meet the demand of customers better especially when the delivery time is tight.

300+ - In-house Staffs

With more than 200 technical workers and 30 quality control Specialist to make sure every step during trading.

8+ - Years of Experience

Over 8 years' average working experience make the products with stable high quality and the trading process easier.