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How to Make Handmade Glass?

The process of making handmade glassware

1. Blow worker takes out a small piece of liquid quartz sand and various colored auxiliary materials via high temperature chemical materials from the tank with a pick-up rod;

2. Blow a small ball through the pick-up rod(Namely blow bubble);

3. Another blow-maker puts the bubbly into the tank, dips in some liquid and puts it into the already opened mold, blowing out the desired shape of the mold(Namely low cannon);

4. Heat the mold and control the temperature to prepare for stretching court;

5. Stretch court. After baking the glued material under the cup body at high temperature, make the cup straight and size according to the order by visual measurement, it’s one of the biggest difference between blowing and mechanism;

6. Bottom. First pick a little material to stick to the tail, stick the material and cut off the excess, then use a splint tool to make the cup bottom;

7. Place the basic shaped cup in the annealing kiln for annealing, wait for the cup cooling down and cut the excess waste at the edge of the cup, and bake, then the excess part will fall off(Namely burst mouth);

8. Smooth the edge of the cup evenly;

9. Bake mouth. Bake each cup mouth at high temperature to soften the edges and smooth them;

10. Inspect and clean.