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Processing Procedure of Glass

Nowadays, glass has been popularized into the lives of the people. Glass could be seen everywhere. Glass cup, glass cofffee set, glass perfume bottle, glass candle holder are all very popular. And today let's share about the basic processing procedure of glass.

1. Raw material pre-processing. Crush massive raw materials (quartz sand, soda, limestone, feldspar, etc.), dry the wet materials, and then do iron removal from iron-containing raw materials to ensure the quality of the glass;

2. Mixture preparation;

3. Founding. Do high temperature heating(about 1550~1600℃) of glass mixture in tank kiln or crucible kiln, to form a uniform, no bubble, and meeting the requirements of the formation of liquid glass;

4. Shaping. Make liquid glass into a product of the desired shape, like plate or some container etc.;

5. Heat treatment. Eliminate or produce internal stress, phase separation or crystallization, and change the structural state of glass by annealing, quenching, etc.


This is the basic processing procedure of glass, later we'll share more information about the glass. Here is the high-end handblown glassware custom expert, GlassZhao.