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the History of Glass

Glass is an amorphous inorganic nonmetallic material, which is usually made up of a variety of inorganic minerals like quartz sand, borax, boric acid, barium carbonate, limestone and so on with little auxiliaries.

In fact lass has been used in human life for more than 4,000 years. The earliest glass maker in the world was the ancient Egyptians. And today we’d like share something about the history of glass.

In about 4th century, the Romans began to use glass on doors and windows. And in the 12th century, there was some commercial glass, and become one kind of industrial materials. By 1291, glass manufacturing technology in Italy was well developed. Later in 1688 , a man named Nef invented the technology of making large pieces of glass, from this time on glass became a common object. In the 18th century, to meet the needs of the telescope, optical glass has been made. In 1874, flat glass was first made in Belgium; later in 1906, a flat glass guide machine was made in the United States. After that, with the industrialization and scale of glass production, glass with various usages and functions came out in succession. Nowadays, glass has become an important material in the field of daily life, production, science and technology.

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