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the Properties of Glass

Glass has different properties, depending on the different types. And today let's share about it.

As lens,

1. Good perspective and transmittance;

2. Draping and heat preservation;

3. Tensile strength is far less than compressive strength, typical brittle material;

4. High chemical stability

As ornament,

1. Stained glass, absorb more visible light to soften the light; bright and durable color increases the appearance of buildings;

2. Colored sheet glass, has the features of corrosion resistance and erosion resistance, easy cleaning and so on;

3. Coated glass, better effect of heat preservation and heat insulation, but easy to produce light pollution to the outside environment;

4. Configurated glass, according to the different craftsmanship of making patterns, there are various colors, perception, luster effect, and full of decorative;


1. Armoured glass, high mechanical strength, good elasticity and thermal stability, not easy to hurt people after breaking and not easy to occur the spontaneous explosion;

2. Laminated glass, good transparency and high impact resistance;

3. Wired glass, prevent the spread of flame in a short time, and have a certain effect on anti-theft and anti-robbery.

Different types of glass with different properties make life more colorful. Providing high-end glassware to every unique customer is always our pursue. If you want to know more about the glass and boutique custom, follow us, GlassZhao.